5 Marriage Mistakes That Can Hurt Your Children Later On


Married life not only impacts you, it touches your children. By allowing issues to grow and by not solving them in your relationship, they could really hurt and in some cases damage a child’s view on relationships as an adult

1. You Fight in Front of the Kids: Being in a hostile home and around unhappy spouses could impact a child’s self-esteem and creates trust issues. Kids can start to internalize and wonder what is wrong with them that their parents are fighting. They believe that they caused the disharmony, eventually accept it as the norm.

2. You Compete with Each Other: Do you or your spouse hate playing the bad guy when it comes to discipline? If you ground your kid and the other parent doesn’t back you up. The lesson learned will be that rules don’t apply and this gives ground for manipulation. You are a team now and should work together when there are parenting decisions to be made.

3. You Don’t Communicate: If communication is not your thing, you might want to work on it. Being prideful and not communicating with your spouse will teach your little one that they don’t have to talk things out and encourages them to avoid issues. They will also learn to shutdown emotionally, or become passive aggressive when they are upset.

4. You Condemn Your Spouse: Belittling your spouse or making fun of them in front of the kids will influence them in their lives and their future. It hurts them when you degrade your spouse, and it teaches them that it is OK to talk bad about loved ones. If you are having a disagreement work it out in private, and show the family that you can have discussion with each other without trying to make each other look bad.

5. You Lie: Children observe and hear when you are dishonest. We all have known people who are habitual liars and know it is wrong behavior. If child see this, they will think that lying is completely normal and acceptable.

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