5 Powerful Things Praise Can Do To Your Life


There’s power in our acknowledgment that He is worthy, above all else, of our worship and praise.

1. Praise makes the enemy flee.  It pushes back the darkness the surrounds, and blocks the attacks and hissing lies over us.  Evil will not stick around if we’re praising our God, who will fight our battles for us.

2. Praise makes room for God’s blessings over our lives.  He will not hold back His goodness, praise opens the gateway of blessing as we come into the Presence of our King.

3. Praise invites His presence: God dwells close to us when we praise Him.  He lives there.  He looks for it.

“He inhabits the praises of His people.”  Psa. 22:3

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4. It paves the way for God’s power to be displayed, miracles  happen: People’s lives are affected and changed. God shakes things up through praise. As Paul and Silas sat in prison, shackled, and chained, they kept right on praising God.  And God sent an earthquake that shook the cells and broke the chains.

5. Praise brings us to a place of humility: We remember our dependency on God, as we acknowledge our need for Him.  As we praise Him as Creator and King of this world, we admit and recognize that we’re not in control, but He is.  He is above all.

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