5 Things That Can Destroy Your Marriage


God set up marriage as an institution to glorify him. God gives you a raw material and not a finished good. You must be prepared before entering into marriage it is not something you rush into, it requires a lot of endurance and commitment. A strong foundation is needed for a successful marriage.

Below are the 7 things that can destroy your relationship:

1. Bad character

Bad character is an enemy of marriage on both sides. Even the bible talks about submissiveness in marriage. Examples of bad character that can destroy your relationship are nagging, dirtiness, being ungrateful, covetousness, stinginess,  e.t.c…..

2. Bad communication

bad communication with your partner or spouse will go a long way in destroying the love in a relationship. couples find it difficult to express their feelings to each other because of the fear of being criticized. Once communication is broken in a relationship understanding each other becomes a hard nut to crack.

3. Lack of finance

Don’t marry a man without a vision because provision follows a vision. A man must be dependable in need and a woman must be excellent in comfort. Money plays a vital role in every relationship, you should not marry a man who cannot cater to the needs of the family.

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4. Immaturity

Immaturity leads to an argument, fight and quarrel over small or irrelevant issues. For example a couple fighting over who should wash the dishes or clean the house all these are signs of immaturity.

5. Lack of trust

Trust is a very essential part of a relationship because where there is no trust there is no love. For your marriage to last longer it must be built on trust once there is no trust there will be suspicion which will shorten the lifespan of your marriage


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