5 Things A Christian Must know About Praise


Praise is a very strong weapon that commands God’s presence. In this post, I will mention the five important things a Christian should understand about praise

1. worship is celebrating God’s faithfulness:

It simply means celebrating the faithfulness of God based on what’s written and not what is happening. If you cannot celebrate God because of what you are going through, it shows you don’t have an understanding of what is written. Psalm 56:4 “ in God I will praise his word, in God I have put my trust, I will not fear what flesh can do unto me”

2. Praise is a weapon that commands God’s Presence:

worship makes God find expression and dwells in you. Praiseful people are progressive people; you cannot praise God from your heart sincerely and still remain on the same spot. Outside the presence of are plenty of obstacles, sighing and gnashing of teeth

3. Praise is celebrating the efficiency of the scriptures:

this simply means celebrating the integrity of God and his words above your situation. It doesn’t matter the situation you find yourself the word of God which is the bible will always be sufficient to take care of the situation.

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4. God dwells in the midst of worship:

God dwells in the atmosphere that is filled with worship, not the one filled with inequity. The atmosphere you live in is fundamental to the happenings and the experiences around your life. You are the architect of the environment and the atmosphere you live in. Psalm 22:3 “ But thou art holy, o thou that inhabitest the praise of Israel”

5. When you lack praise you lack God: 

Since worship commands the presence of God and he also dwells In the midst of worship this means you lack the presence of God if you lack praises. You can make it a habit to always sing praises unto his name. God performs miraculous things when he is being praised because the presence of God is the presence of the supernatural and the supernatural is the spring board for signs and wonders. Praise therefore is the major tool to secure God’s presence.


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