5 Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You


1. He will bring you God`s presence: The Holy Spirit has a beautiful Identity. He is called the” ANGEL OF GOD’S PRESENCE”. He is the one that brings us the presence of God and makes it real to us – Isaiah 63:9,10a.

2. He will teach you: The Holy Spirit unveils God’s word to us; He reveals the things of God to us – because the things of God can only be spiritually understood. – I Corinthians 2:14. God’s word is truth, it is the reality and it is the Holy Spirit that guides you into that reality. He is the Spirit of truth – John 16:13.

3. He will restore, renew and refresh you: He will restore you, renew and refresh you. You will never run out of power, you will never run out of ability. David had the revelation of the Holy Spirit and he describes it in Psalm 23:1-4.

4. He will turn your wilderness into a fruitful place: Isaiah 32:15,16 – Let us know that we become productive when the Spirit of God comes upon our lives. The anointing of God’s Spirit makes us productive. It makes us fruitful.

5. He will bring excellence into your life: Daniel 6:3 – The bible describes Daniel having Excellence Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Excellence when he comes into your life. There will be excellence in your mentality, there will be excellence in your work, the way you do your things will be excellent, and there will be excellence in your health.

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