5 Wrong Reasons To Get Married


Often times people get married for all the wrong reasons and it ends up leading to a bitter marriage or even divorce. These reasons below are the worst reasons to settle down.

1. You Are Afraid To Lose Him/Her: Using fear as a reason to get married is completely wrong. If you are that unsure of your relationship, then being apart is simply a better bet.

2. Friends And Family Pressure: You need to realize that these people would not be in the marriage with you and they certainly would not directly feel the consequences of a broken marriage. Only take this step because you think it is time.

3. You Are Getting Older: You should know that once you are in a bad marriage, you would be so much worse off and wished you had waited for the right person as opposed to settling for the wrong person because you think time was running out.

4. You Feel You Owe Him/Her: Did he pay your way through school? Getting married because you feel you owe your partner a debt is also a terrible idea.

5. To Get Over An Ex: Well, this is really wrong. When you do eventually get over the ex (and you will) all you would be left with is a partner you do not love and the feeling of total regret.

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