Six Type Of Men You Should Never Marry


There is no doubt that marriage is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. To have a happy marriage, you must get the right person to be able to form a solid family. Before getting married, you should take into account that there are some types of men with whom you should never establish a relationship, much less marry:

  1. A Man Who Does Not Believe In God

Do not marry a man who does not believe or love God, since only one who loves God will know how to do his will and the power of commitment and marriage.

2. A Man Who Does Not Love God

A man who can love God is the only one who will know how to care for and keep his word of the union until the end.

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3. A Man You Can’t Trust

Don’t choose a man you don’t trust from the moment of dating. You should know that trust is the fundamental basis of marriage so that it can work. Therefore, you mustn’t live in a world of constant apologies and excuses since these attitudes will not give you the happiness or peace you need to have during the marriage.

4. A Man Who Doesn’t Believe In Your Religion

You must not marry a man who does not believe in religion since this will be the fundamental basis for their values. A man who has a consolidated belief and is aware of the existence of God will know how to treat you with respect, will have good manners, and will take the marriage with the right responsibility.

5. A Man Who Does Not Accept Your Failures

To get married, you should not be guided only by your feelings, but you must also choose a good man to accompany you for the rest of your life. Do not choose a man who does not accept that he has made mistakes. When a man, for example, decides to change and begins to go to church or is closer to God, he realizes that his mistakes could hurt and react.

6. A Man Who Does Not Collaborate With You

You cannot choose to marry a man who is not in the mood to help you with household expenses. A man who values ​​you will know the importance of help as a couple and will be aware that in marriage, the help must be mutual.
In Christianity, these characteristics are taken into account to choose a good man for marriage. You must take them into account so that your life as a couple can be pleasant. You cannot have a man next to you who does not respect the commitment he made before God.

If your partner is a selfish, addicted, controlling, impulsive man with other negative characteristics, do not even think about getting married. The best thing to do is to join a man who first believes in God and respects marriage and everything that entails that commitment as it should be.

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