Do Not Grow Weary Doing Good

do not grow weary doing good

Do people know you for good works? If yes, I’ll encourage you to keep up with the good work and do not grow weary doing good. This is because a good deed is a work which can forever last for eternity.

A single act of good or kindness will create a ripple that can last for many generations. it is pertinent to know that people who do good may surely be tempted to stop their good words and that might cause them to grow weary of doing good. Apostle Paul led the fight for good works; he boldly made a testimony and admonished Christians not to grow weary in doing good.

Weariness can be contagious and it can prove to be a major setback to those doing good.

By simply doing good, we become a blessing to others and that makes us blessed. God wants us to endure in doing good ourselves, but to help others “not grow weary (the less privileged)” (1 Thes 5:14). By doing good, we bless nations.

When it gets tough in doing good, Paul advice that “Don’t quit.” and, “Do not grow weary doing good.”We need this strong words (Don’t Quit) to keep us going because doing good takes quite a toll on the body and the body grow tired and weak of doing good because “when the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak”.

This means even those with purest of the heart can backslide and the best intentions for doing good can be easily derailed. This is an ever-present danger in the life of a good Samaritan.

Pay Attention: what Jesus meant by judge not lest ye be judged

Overcommitment is the major cause of weariness among the Christians of the world today

We want to contribute so much and to respond to God’s love by pouring ourselves totally into ministry for His sake and that could risk burnout and weariness. God did not send his only begotten son to rescue us from sin and death to do nothing; preaching the gospel is an act of goodwill. It takes time, practice and planning to learn how to devote yourself to good works (Titus 3:14).

The Bible portion of 1 Peter 4:19 says that those who suffer while doing God’s will entrust their souls to the creator while doing good.

Romans 12:21 made us understand that we as Christians and believers should not overcome with evil, but rather, we should overcome evil by doing good. For this reason, we are constantly observant of Paul’s message which says “Don’t Grow Weary Doing Good”

Do Not Grow Weary Doing Good With A Pure Heart

If you are doing good, let it come from your heart, do not do it to attract praises or to get glory to yourself. If you constantly do good works probably because of your finances and resources so that people would know you as a good person, you would grow tired of it because it does not come from your heart. Make sure that you don’t grow weary doing good and when doing good, make sure it comes from your heart.

Apostle Paul points us that there is a prize attached to our labors; he said that there will be rewards for good works. When our hearts are shattered and if we become disheartened, the comforting presence of the Holy Spirit brings relief and gratitude to our hearts and glory to God.

Just like a seed which is planted to the ground, takes time to grow and wait for its harvest season, the Christian must wait patiently for the rewards that will inevitably come from the God, who is the provider of all good things. For you not to lose out on your rewards, do not grow weary doing good.


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