Reasons Why Your Prayers Are Not Being Answered By God


1. Worrying: Worrying is a medium the devil compounds our problems and makes a little problem turn to a big problem.All we need to do is cast our burdens on God because He cares for us. Worrying gets us distracted.

2. Release the grudge: Keeping grudges is not healthy and not Christian-like. Grudges are burdens we need to drop before God can answer our prayers.

3. Finding out the root of the problem: The root of every problem must be known before one can find a solution. Finding out the root of the problem will help us to pray alright.

4. Forget the pain: Don’t dwell on the pain but on the person that can solve the pain who is Jesus Christ. Dwelling on the pain will make you find thousands of reasons why you can’t make it.

5. Praying and not believing: praying and believing work together; you have to pray and believe that God will do that which you have prayed for. Faith without works is dead.

6. Praying for the wrong thing: God answers only the requests He knows will be of great benefit to us. What we want might not be the best for us.

7. Always give thanks: We should learn to give thanks for all we have asked form God, this tends to move God.

8. Wait and not faint: After praying, we should be expectant and believe we have received all that we have prayed for.

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