The Seven Gifts Of The Holy Spirit You Must Know

The gifts of the  Holy Spirit are 9 in number, & they’re supernatural in nature, i.e they’re not controlled by man, but controlled by the Holy Spirit. However, we’ll be focusing on 7 of them here. The gifts of the holy spirit are what Christians are blessed with to bring help & succor to the body of Christ, but also as tools to win the unsaved to Jesus.

Below are the 7 gifts of the holy spirit

The first thing to Note about this gift is that it is not a mental gift or a gift of Wisdom, it is called “The Gift of The Word of Wisdom.” It has nothing to do with mental capacity, but this gift is a supernatural ability of God.

It is a gift that reveals about a future you’re yet to enter, about to enter, a plan or thing you’ll or may later become involved with. It’s a gift that shows you what you’re going to be or do. It manifests itself by visions & pictures. Prophets are blessed with this gift to help many. Hallelujah!


This is also one of the gifts of the holy spirit which is a supernatural gift. It is a gift that exposes things that a person have done or is presently doing. It is not a gift that speaks about the future like the gift of the word of wisdom, but it only speaks of the past & the present, but coming in visions or pictures the Lord shows a person given this gift.

Then also, like the gift of the word of wisdom, it is not a mental gift, it is a spiritual gift exposing issues about person’s, events, finished or ongoing plans, attitudes, actions, beliefs, & everything.     Mind you, it is not a suspicious gift or a psychic gift of trying to read people. No, but the knowledge of these things, person’s & events are revealed by the Lord by sudden visions. Glory to God!


This is the 3rd gift that needs a proper explanation on the difference between fruits & gifts. In Gal 5:22, the Bible talks about faith as a fruit, not a gift. And the fruit is not on the Holy Spirit but on the human spirit. But the gift is what the holy spirit gives. We’ll not go into that here.

But this faith that is a gift is the supernatural ability of the HolySpirit, given to a Believer to build God’s people & things. this is what the Bible calls the Spirit of Faith. It sees the impossible, thinks the impossible & does the unbelievable. faith doesn’t see defeat or accept ‘no’ for answers, never accepts defeat or stays small. This gift is what those who affect nations & those having a very large impact have been given. Cause it has the capacity within it to build people, systems, & structures. The gift of faith is the supernatural power to build & achieve the impossible.

Pay Attention:  What is faith? The Bible’s Definition

We come to the 4th gift which is one gift, but operates or is expressed in several ways, depending on how the HolySpirit ministers it or see’s best to operate this gift through the
individual. Because it is expressed in different ways, it is called ‘Gifts.’ But notice also that the ‘Healing’ isn’t in plural form.

This is a supernatural gift given by the HolySpirit that empowers a Believer to be able to have the faith to heal sicknesses & diseases. He may not be able to heal all kinds of diseases, that’s why he says gifts. Cause one may have the gift of healing Kidney issues & the other given the power to open blind eyes. But these gifts are under the gifts of healing given by the holy spirit for the helping of the saints & unsaved sick.


Have you ever heard of the word “Miracles are an act of God.” They really are acts of God, not man. The gift of the Working of Miracles is the supernatural ability of God that is expressed in the demonstrations of miracles that come suddenly or immediately.

But behind the scene are angels carrying out these operations bringing healings in strange instances, bringing money or changes in quick, sudden and unexplainable ways.

Most people that experience the impact of this act tells you that they don’t know how, but suddenly, the sickness just disappeared or their needs were suddenly met by unknown person’s. But these are the acts of God in strange & unexplainable ways in a tough & challenging world.


Prophecy is the supernatural ability of God given to the Believer to know *Mysteries & Knowledge.* This verse explains deeper
1Corinthians 13:2 *”And though I have the gift of prophecy, and
understand all mysteries, and all knowledge;…*
So, prophecy deals with knowing all knowledge & mysteries.


This gift operates by the supernatural ability of God given to a believer to look into the spiritual world, spirit beings & the state or quality of their spirit. Whether these spirits are of God or the devil.

This gift exposes the one given it to spirit beings of both angels & demons. It is not called mental discernment or mind reading too, but spirit discernment, i.e the ability to see into a person’s spirit & tell what or who they’re of.

These are 7 of the gifts of the holy spirit given to the Church differently to help us walk better with God. I believe you were blessed. Hallelujah!

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