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 Chronicles 7:14 ~ if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Mark 11:24 ~ Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours

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  1. My Father in the name of Jesus I come to you in need of financial breakthrough… I m in debts my son is coming from the mountain on 22 December and I don’t have money to celebrate his coming home ceremony and my other two sons don’t have clothes to wear on Christmas day..please Lord help me I’m tired of this life I’m living doing loans to live.. I’m begging you father to change my life and open doors for me and get a job soon so I can take care of my family thank you for hearing my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

  2. My father I come to you,you are my only hope,please help me get a good paying job,i need to go back to school but no finance lord please send my helper to me, father my relationship is before u please anything that causing me pain and making my spouse change lord please let it be taken away let leave as we use to and let me be happy, help every member of my family and heal my uncle in jesus name I pray AMEN

  3. Father pls I ask for your mercy,wisdom, knowledge & understanding upon my life. And fresh anointing & grace to fulfill my destiny.In Jesus name i pray Amen!

  4. Please pray for me as i am a breadwinner winne to 6 children witbout parents and currently not working i have 2 kids of my own 2 brothers and two cousins all our parents died and now i depressed as they dont have christmas clothes please pray for me find a job and let God create miracle this christmas with clothes and food

  5. Jesus son of David please father I need financial breakthrough in my life in my academy, Jesus I need a husband of my own safe my family bless me and my family.

  6. Oh lord of this commission bless me with my God fearing partner.. 2019 will be a glorious year for
    me maritally in Jesus name

  7. JESUS son of God I come before you to plead that you have mercy on me & bless me with financial favour from unexpected sources before December 30th,bless me with a good paying job,bless Joshua kefas my fiance help him to pass his MBBS exam’s, all those that are sitting on his financial break through give way all that is rightfully his from his state government & Shell company be paid to we plan to become one father see us through &

  8. Heavenly Father I just want to thank you for what you have started in my life you only can end, I know the plan you have for me is for good and not of evil so I pray that all my heart desires I bring them unto let each of my heart desires come to pass IJN Amen

  9. Father pray for me as am starting searching for the new job in the middle of January easier it for me to find it before my visa expires and let the salary be more than what have been getting 2 times in the name of Jesus Christ,God bless you

  10. Father in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus I’m before you tonight,lord I thank you for what you have done in lifeh,this far you’re Ebenezer.i pray for your forgiveness dia lord forgive all my sins Jehovah father.lord you know the desires of my heart may you see me through dia lord i can’t see any way but I know you’re going to do lord it for me . i have prayed i have done everything I’m waiting for you dia lord to answer me, precious lord as this year comea to an end may walk with me dia lord for the remaining days may fulfil your promises my heavenly father.mighty man of war come and do what no man can do. I thank you Lord because you have done it receive all the glory and honor my father.I pray this in Jesus name .Amen and Amen

  11. Oh lord of pastor david oyedepo grant my sister martial breakthrough, grant me an excellent result in my last semesters result both my best friend favour Dickson and also my friends, lord surprise me in my forthcoming birthday which is 23rd December with a heart whelming present, may me and my best friend favour and friends graduate with excellent result come next year, lord grant me financial Dominion this year and next year bless the works my hand, lord give me the grace to be committed to serve from today henceforth, reveal to me the reason you created me lord. Grant my mother long life so that she can live and enjoy the fruits of her labour, oh lord grant me favour and finance to marry my girlfriend come next year, lord bless my career and destiny. I committe the family of favour Dickson into your able hand don’t allow the eyes of the evil one locate them in Jesus name Amen, lord send a helper that would gift me a digital camera come my birthday and next year. Bless favour Dickson for me

  12. Father in the name of JESUS, firstly i give you thanks for this opportunity for making me, my family(Oletu) and love ones to be alive till this moment. Your word says, who ever the son of God set free is free indeed i pray for Divine freedom and Dominion over all things that has been working against my good, growth and promotion in life. The remaining days of this month shall be celebration moments for me, my family(Oletu) and loved ones dead and disappointment messengers will never know our dwelling places and we shall excell from Glory to Glory.. Breakthrough in all my endeavors, long life and good health for me and my family(Oletu) and may this season of Shiloh pave ways for all my expectations and desires in life, declaring the impossible because you are the God of possibility come to my rescue and save me for this and many more i pray and ask from you In Jesus Mighty Name…. Amen!!!

  13. God i come to you i pray for progress in my life and i pray for my children for wisdom anid knowledge and understanding with faith .i pray for my wife with knowledge and forgiveness all missded in are life amen

  14. God Almighty I pray for your mercy upon me, and I ask for Exam success, financial breakthrough, protection upon my family and friends, I ask for divine open door, marriage settlement Amen

  15. Wisdom, Instant Wealth to upset debts, safe delivery, Favourable job, permanent healing for Joseph &walking, good health & longlife for family & loved ones

  16. Plzz prayer for me m sooo alone plzz God help me my husband mind change heart change n love trust give them Lord back my life very day love me n my family care plzz

  17. I need the mighty hand of God to restore my family lost, uplift my husband and get me a better job. I want to be filled wit the spirit of GOD

  18. Im from India
    My name is Bernice
    My husband is jobless for past few years .
    We are facing a critical financial situation please pray

  19. Pastor please pray for my maternal family, we need peace, love and warmth for each other.

    Lord please hear in heaven, i pray for financial break through so that i can complete my wedding ceremony. Unstuck everything regarding my marriage. Let there be love amongst me and my inlaws.

    Lord i want to be a leader at your church and i want to reach young ones with your word. I want to be a leader at work in a way that i will ne able to teach learners at assemby about your word…heal them.

    I wanna be an outspoken person at work and be able to comment in meetings.

  20. HI my name is promise and my prayer request is this
    I have been waiting for my visa for more than a month now after it was approved for processing
    Still haven’t heard from them pls my request is for successfully processing before the week runs out
    I believe with Faith

  21. God should give my husband a job,and also help me at my place of work,for me not to be sacked,and my salary that was withheld to be released in Jesus name.

  22. Dear Man of God am mercy from INDIA, please pray for my ministry and marriage,I have 32yrs completed,I need a support of a man of God as my life partner

  23. I pray in Jesus name for the manifestation of God’s divine breakthrough for me and my family. I pray that every curse and plan of evil against me and my household is destroyed and we shall not die but live to discover the works of God in the land of the living. Amen!

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