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 Chronicles 7:14 ~ if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

Mark 11:24 ~ Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours

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  1. My Father in the name of Jesus I come to you in need of financial breakthrough… I m in debts my son is coming from the mountain on 22 December and I don’t have money to celebrate his coming home ceremony and my other two sons don’t have clothes to wear on Christmas day..please Lord help me I’m tired of this life I’m living doing loans to live.. I’m begging you father to change my life and open doors for me and get a job soon so I can take care of my family thank you for hearing my prayer in the mighty name of Jesus Amen

  2. My father I come to you,you are my only hope,please help me get a good paying job,i need to go back to school but no finance lord please send my helper to me, father my relationship is before u please anything that causing me pain and making my spouse change lord please let it be taken away let leave as we use to and let me be happy, help every member of my family and heal my uncle in jesus name I pray AMEN

    • please mine daddy pray for me that I should get a good and well pay job before the end of the January 2019 07031654811

  3. Father pls I ask for your mercy,wisdom, knowledge & understanding upon my life. And fresh anointing & grace to fulfill my destiny.In Jesus name i pray Amen!


  4. Please pray for me as i am a breadwinner winne to 6 children witbout parents and currently not working i have 2 kids of my own 2 brothers and two cousins all our parents died and now i depressed as they dont have christmas clothes please pray for me find a job and let God create miracle this christmas with clothes and food

  5. Jesus son of David please father I need financial breakthrough in my life in my academy, Jesus I need a husband of my own safe my family bless me and my family.

  6. Oh lord of this commission bless me with my God fearing partner.. 2019 will be a glorious year for
    me maritally in Jesus name

  7. JESUS son of God I come before you to plead that you have mercy on me & bless me with financial favour from unexpected sources before December 30th,bless me with a good paying job,bless Joshua kefas my fiance help him to pass his MBBS exam’s, all those that are sitting on his financial break through give way all that is rightfully his from his state government & Shell company be paid to we plan to become one father see us through &

  8. Heavenly Father I just want to thank you for what you have started in my life you only can end, I know the plan you have for me is for good and not of evil so I pray that all my heart desires I bring them unto let each of my heart desires come to pass IJN Amen

    • GOD ALMIGHTY please for Christ’s sake in a well pay job before the end of this month please pray for me sir 07041654811

  9. Father pray for me as am starting searching for the new job in the middle of January easier it for me to find it before my visa expires and let the salary be more than what have been getting 2 times in the name of Jesus Christ,God bless you

  10. Father in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus I’m before you tonight,lord I thank you for what you have done in lifeh,this far you’re Ebenezer.i pray for your forgiveness dia lord forgive all my sins Jehovah father.lord you know the desires of my heart may you see me through dia lord i can’t see any way but I know you’re going to do lord it for me . i have prayed i have done everything I’m waiting for you dia lord to answer me, precious lord as this year comea to an end may walk with me dia lord for the remaining days may fulfil your promises my heavenly father.mighty man of war come and do what no man can do. I thank you Lord because you have done it receive all the glory and honor my father.I pray this in Jesus name .Amen and Amen

  11. Oh lord of pastor david oyedepo grant my sister martial breakthrough, grant me an excellent result in my last semesters result both my best friend favour Dickson and also my friends, lord surprise me in my forthcoming birthday which is 23rd December with a heart whelming present, may me and my best friend favour and friends graduate with excellent result come next year, lord grant me financial Dominion this year and next year bless the works my hand, lord give me the grace to be committed to serve from today henceforth, reveal to me the reason you created me lord. Grant my mother long life so that she can live and enjoy the fruits of her labour, oh lord grant me favour and finance to marry my girlfriend come next year, lord bless my career and destiny. I committe the family of favour Dickson into your able hand don’t allow the eyes of the evil one locate them in Jesus name Amen, lord send a helper that would gift me a digital camera come my birthday and next year. Bless favour Dickson for me

  12. Father in the name of JESUS, firstly i give you thanks for this opportunity for making me, my family(Oletu) and love ones to be alive till this moment. Your word says, who ever the son of God set free is free indeed i pray for Divine freedom and Dominion over all things that has been working against my good, growth and promotion in life. The remaining days of this month shall be celebration moments for me, my family(Oletu) and loved ones dead and disappointment messengers will never know our dwelling places and we shall excell from Glory to Glory.. Breakthrough in all my endeavors, long life and good health for me and my family(Oletu) and may this season of Shiloh pave ways for all my expectations and desires in life, declaring the impossible because you are the God of possibility come to my rescue and save me for this and many more i pray and ask from you In Jesus Mighty Name…. Amen!!!

  13. God i come to you i pray for progress in my life and i pray for my children for wisdom anid knowledge and understanding with faith .i pray for my wife with knowledge and forgiveness all missded in are life amen

  14. God Almighty I pray for your mercy upon me, and I ask for Exam success, financial breakthrough, protection upon my family and friends, I ask for divine open door, marriage settlement Amen

  15. Wisdom, Instant Wealth to upset debts, safe delivery, Favourable job, permanent healing for Joseph &walking, good health & longlife for family & loved ones

  16. Plzz prayer for me m sooo alone plzz God help me my husband mind change heart change n love trust give them Lord back my life very day love me n my family care plzz

  17. I need the mighty hand of God to restore my family lost, uplift my husband and get me a better job. I want to be filled wit the spirit of GOD

  18. Im from India
    My name is Bernice
    My husband is jobless for past few years .
    We are facing a critical financial situation please pray

  19. Pastor please pray for my maternal family, we need peace, love and warmth for each other.

    Lord please hear in heaven, i pray for financial break through so that i can complete my wedding ceremony. Unstuck everything regarding my marriage. Let there be love amongst me and my inlaws.

    Lord i want to be a leader at your church and i want to reach young ones with your word. I want to be a leader at work in a way that i will ne able to teach learners at assemby about your word…heal them.

    I wanna be an outspoken person at work and be able to comment in meetings.

  20. HI my name is promise and my prayer request is this
    I have been waiting for my visa for more than a month now after it was approved for processing
    Still haven’t heard from them pls my request is for successfully processing before the week runs out
    I believe with Faith

  21. God should give my husband a job,and also help me at my place of work,for me not to be sacked,and my salary that was withheld to be released in Jesus name.

  22. Dear Man of God am mercy from INDIA, please pray for my ministry and marriage,I have 32yrs completed,I need a support of a man of God as my life partner

  23. I pray in Jesus name for the manifestation of God’s divine breakthrough for me and my family. I pray that every curse and plan of evil against me and my household is destroyed and we shall not die but live to discover the works of God in the land of the living. Amen!

  24. Father in heaven i pray for success in my marriages and open up ways for me to source out money and surrender all my activities in your hand

  25. Heavenly Father, I come unto you to rescue me from every situations in my life it seems like everything I do doesn’t work out well for me, Father I pray for your mercy on me, bless me Father bless my household so that I can be a blessing to others. Heavenly Father I that may all my heart desires come to pass in my life. IJN….. Amen

  26. Thank you Jesus for delivery my family from the plans and plots of the wicked, that you for giving us victory and Dominion over Satan…amen

  27. Father Lord, I need breakthrough in all areas of my life, financial and marital breakthrough… your protection God is what we need in our family, let’s not cry over any soul in my family.. Amen

  28. Heavenly father, i thank you for all that you have done in my life, my family, my fiance n his family, my friends n neighbors. Thank you for your faithfulness, lovingkindness, grace, mercy n favor, u r my begining n u know my end, father i pray, please grant all my heart desires, cause me to experience the best you have for me, grant me marital settlement n financial breakthrough.

  29. Father, it’s by your grace I’m alive till today, Lord Jesus perfect your works in my life. Help me to jump, walk rightly, help me to flex my left knee, move by your power in my life. Breathe divine breath to my left knee, make people to celebrate once again your name over my life. Thank you.

  30. Glorious God, I come to you by faith and pray for a breakthrough in my life, financially, a true lifestyle in God, grace, this I pray in the Name Of Jesus, Amen

  31. I pray that every spirit of disappointment, failure, shame, and I also pray for financial breakthrough, marital breakthrough this is i through Christ Jesus Amen

  32. God should bless me with the fruit of the womb by January2019. I want a good job. God should provide visa for my husband. And God should keep my parents alive.

  33. God I come to you as a sinner who sins daily and offend you lord, kindly here my prayers and forgive me for all the wrong doing that I do and the bad habit that I cary daily, dear Father grant me wisdom, knowledge, understanding, courage, hope, and most of all make me a good man as Solomon and make me a good father to my coming children as Israel and make me a good husband to my coming wife as Joseph, dear God cleans me with the blood of Jesus and make me worthy again and make me prosperous in this coming year and give me that heart of helping the need.
    I pray this through christ my Lord and redeemer

  34. Prophet of the Lord God, I always do pray that the Lord Jesus Christ bless your ministry abundantly to bless our lives. Pray for me and my breakthrough in every aspect of life, because to recovered what the devil had taken away from me. The little amount of money worth of 12,000USD snatched out by the demons in accident, so I am requesting for your help to pray for my life and my family.

  35. Thank the Almighty God for keeping me alive and my family. Every thing that is not perfect in my life before I ask God to perfect them in jesus name I need cars house this year. All true Christ our Lord Amen

  36. my God in heaven ,in whom I strongly believe in ,wipe away my tears and the tears of my family, since I was born i have seen your signs and wonders ,pls God remember me again and my family and let those that look down on me begin to look up on me ,let those that say am nobody begin to say am somebody ,help my family with finance so that my children will go back to school also send helpers for our business to explode in Jesus mighty name Amen

  37. Lord JESUS thank you for another successful year .
    Your blessing upon my life has been countless thank you JESUS.
    As this new year start please guide me throught good health, bless me financially and give me more knowledge. Lord please give me that mind to always prayed to you and not forget to worship you GOD. Thank you JESUS.

  38. I firstly thank God for making me and family to witness this new year and also for answering my prayers here .I want God to open financial doors for me and my husband, before this month end God should surprise my husband where he travelled to and also provide for me to start my own business and also finish our uncompleted house and provide car and many good things for us . God should give my family good health and long life to enjoy our wealth in Jesus mighty name Amen

  39. Father I need a job, a financial breakthrough in my family and also to be fruitful and productive in everything i lay my hands on. Thank u Father, i know is done in Jezus name.

  40. Lord Jesus Christ am asking for your help and guidance,help in financial situation, I want to be on government payroll….i have got nothing to support my family are suffering help me i want to go back to school and take my siblings to school but I have got no money no payment father let your Miracles be done am nothing without you God…father am praying for my Married i want to have my own house and my own husband i want to get married but no serious man coming to me marry me…father i need my husband

  41. Lord Jesus Christ,in all my life ,I have not enjoy a good relationship , having serious problem with it,Lord Jesus I want to see that man ,that belong to me ,I want my own Man,Lord Jesus make him to locate me this year shall never pass me by,I shall Marry this year wonder the devil like it or not.lord please make a way for me oh Lord .bless me with a good work,want to be a good and carrying mom to my kids and hubby,Amen and Amen

  42. My Heavenly Father, I need your uncommon Favour and Mercy to Elevate me before the half of this year. Financially, Educationally, Physically and Spiritually….

    I pray you grant my heart desires in Jesus name.

    I pray everything I lay my hands upon this year will prosper exceedingly, abundantly above my expectations in Jesus name

  43. My Heavenly Father, I need your uncommon Favour and Mercy to Elevate me before the half of this year. Financially, Educationally, Physically and Spiritually….

    I pray you grant my heart desires in Jesus name.

    I pray everything I lay my hands upon this year will prosper exceedingly, abundantly above my expectations in Jesus name

  44. I pray for Good Health.. Good Luck…Protection… Wisdom… Career Advancement… Financial & business breakthroughs…Academic Success. Favour….Blessings….Gratitude… Amen… Hallelujah, thank you Jesus

  45. My prayer in 2019 I need good health, wisdom, financial breakthrough, children, house, peace d protection in Jesus mighty name Amen

  46. Heavenly Father I just want to thank you for what you have started in my life you only can end, I know the plan you have for me is for good and not of evil so I pray that all my heart desires I bring them unto let each of my heart desires come to pass IJN Amen

  47. Man of God pray for me I want a destiny helper as the bible says plasm 121:1_8 look at the mountain where your helper will come from my Helper will come from God
    As we are starting new year I want you to give me carriage and money to start constructing my mother a house

  48. Man of God please pray for me for a permanently employed job in my domain of fisheries, breakthrough in my carrier, business, and finance and next levels in my spiritual life. Thank you sir

  49. My father in the name of the lord Jesus. bless me with wisdom and grace Upon my life this 2019 should be a year of Success in Jesus name amen.

  50. Hello good morning servant of God, seriously I need a supernatural breakthrough in my spiritual life, divine wisdom, academic, financial balance, divine favor/grace of God upon my life in Jesus name

  51. Lord I pray for safe delivery of my first child, father bless my marriage financially cause I don’t want to give birth to this child in poverty .father I know that there is nothing you can not do, please Lord Jesus I need a change of story in my life.father let my sister document be released to her in Jesus name Amen.

  52. Father in the name of Jesus grant me business and financial breakthrough this year and beyond, I ask for all round rest from you o my Lord, do it for me and my house hold.
    Every demonic Vail or covering over my life and family today let it broken and destroyed in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

  53. I pray for God to deliver me from every evil plan of the devil,every form of affliction, shame,delay and set back that the devil has placed before me.

  54. God in heaven, please hear my prayer of job breakthrough in Jesus name, open all the doors that I shall receive good news. I trust in you God, Amen

  55. Awesome God, please move in my life rapidly, perfect your works of healing in my life. Change my status and make 2019, a year of total freedom, divine multiplication and a year full of joy unspeakable in all areas of my life in every of the month in 2019 and beyond.

  56. Father in the name of Jesus let my open this year, give financial breakthrough and business breakthrough, all round rest in everything that concerns me and my family this year and beyond… Amen

  57. Lord I want to thank you for opening my heart to love again. Father I come to you for help with the pain and anger that still sits in my heart. I pray Father that you walk with me in this court hearing and fight my battles with these men and that I may come out victorious and that this stress is finally lifted and I can move on to a more happier and worry-free life. Amen

  58. I pray to God for Divine settlement on my home , the Lord should give me rest of mind in my marriage he should not give strange women chances in my home, the relationship between my husband and strange women should scatter. I want to start my own business this year God should settle me and my husband financially. God should give me and my family long life and good health to enjoy our wealth in Jesus mighty name Amen

  59. Lord God in the name of your son Christ Jesus, I ask of you to let this month be a historic month for me . A month of favors, healing and financial blessing. All I seek Lord is to be heal from sickness and dieses, the new job opportunities and favor over my life . For this is the year for me to lunch out in to deep, but know not where to lunch out so please show. And be there by my side as I go. THTS all I seek from u Lord Jesus.

  60. Good evening servant of God, seriously I need a supernatural breakthrough in my spiritual life, in my academic, financial balance, divine wisdom, divine favor/grace of God upon my life

  61. Sweet God, Thank you for saving me, my family’s and friends although 2018 to 2019 LORD am really grateful. This year 2019 all i want from you is to send my helper to me the woman that will change my life for once and forever and show your blessing upon me and the work of my hand, Let this year be the best year in life so far, make me rich/millionaire this year 2019, Lord fulfill my heart desire,protect me and my family i know you will do it for me because i believe and trust in you…..God this all i ask from you in Jesus name…AMEN!

  62. Lord endue with the grace for continuous stewardship in your presence,.
    Father give me the grace and strength to carry me through out this 21days prayer and fasting, thereby causing my heaven to open and destroying every enemy and Satan plotting against me, my family… amen

  63. Jesus tho son of God grant me grace to launch my album in TBS by February make DAT album launching bring a total turn around in my life and entire family….. Give me reasons to testify when I travel to Delta on my album launching..
    Hallelujah it is done in Jesus name..

  64. Lord please provide a life partner for i and my sister, for my friend chioma that lost her baby may she recieve double blessings, want to graduate with a good result, provide job opportunity for my sisters. And increase the number of the people attending each service in this year 2019. In Jesus name i pray Amennnnnn

  65. God of Major 1. I pray that you give me good health, divine protection and financial breakthrough. I ask for divine favor in Jesus name amen.

  66. Father Lord, restore the years I have lost and give me a new left knee Lord.
    Thank you Father for helping me and answering all my prayer requests.

  67. In the name of Jesus, oh Lord I pray for speedy answers to all my prayer request at Shiloh 2018 and for employment opportunities for my internship, Amen .

  68. Father in the name of Jesus, I ask for fast and divine restoration, vindication, that God should hear me speedily and fight for me,financial breakthrough,ease and hasten my relocation with my family,for a better job and better life ,to be at the top of my career .

  69. My prayer request is to be granted a visa and be delivered from the devil. A native doctor once told me I will never leave this country want to put the devil to shame n I pray for the deliverance of all my family members my mum has d
    Suffered for long

  70. Please pray for heal ,strength and favor on my life. All I seek from my heavenly father is healing in my body, new jobs opportunities, favor on my life and financial blessing in Jesus name amen amen

  71. My father i pray in the name of jesus I need a job and financial breakthrough, protection against sickness, evil spirits, accidents, deliverance to my whole family, the spirit of my dad to rest in peace. And all the investment business I’m struggling to make it work becomes a success.

  72. Daddy please pray for my husband to be a permanent staff at his place of work this first quarter of the year. Bless me with a good business and the fruit of the womb this year and bless my daughter and our families. In all let God help us to know him better, Amen.

  73. Lord jesus i have four prayer request no 1 i want to be financially stable 2i want to travel to china 3 i want i and my family to enjoy good health 4 this year i want to get a land and start my building i want to buy car nd finally i need to get a shop this year all. This i ask in jesus name ameen.

  74. Good morning papa, my prayer request are (1) break through for my family and open doors,(2) lifer partner for my family members this year, (3) success in school for my family, (4) financially freedom for my family,(5) Good jobs for my family and love ones. Accommodation for family.

  75. Our father Almighty God though who knows our downfall and our uprising I pray that you send a break through for me at this very hour at this very minute open the doors which have been closed for me heal me from my sickness in my body the pains in my left knee the operation cost is too expensive at this time for me to handle I pray O Lord Jesus that as I walk out to seek a job this morning you will guide me in the right way.
    In Jesus name I pray Amen Amen

  76. Papa please pray for me now for my financial ststus to change for good, let the demon of darkness be removed with your prayer in the name of Jesus.

  77. I need favour of the lord in my life to restore financial blessing in my life, spirit of knowledge, wisdom and a pure heart before the lord.

  78. God almighty have mercy on me and forgive all my sin I as for financial breakthrough, marital breakthrough and to have my children this year 2019and God protection over my family

  79. God I need divine breakthrough in my life increment in my financial life a better paid job ..
    God Almighty grant me marital breakthrough this year l lord prove itself strong in my life this year cause a divine meeting with my life partner o lord this are my heart desires o lord i know there is nothing you cannot do give me an amazing testimony o God .

  80. I want God to remember me in my education.
    I want God to bring somebody my way who will pay my school fees.
    I also demand academic intelligence. The Grace to excel in school and every endeavor

  81. God remember me in my job hunt, I have sent my resume to different companies, and only you God can intervene. Please open a door for me. Amen

  82. I want God to Enlarge my Coast ,Bless me Financially and launch me as a pacesetter,trail blazer and living wonder to my world…I want God to endue me with wisdom and protect me from all evil, bless my family and meet my friends and loved ones at their points of needs.

  83. I want God to restore my marriage,unite me with my family to the glory of heaven.bless me with a stable job and also financial breakthrough so that i can take care of my family and everyone around me.

  84. There is a shame on ground that came up between my friend and I and has led to the suspension of my friend who is a pastor in the church and a choir master in the choristers dept. and this issue is at the stake of ruining the church where I worship which Papa happens to be my G.O’s mentor.
    -I want God to forgive and have mercy of us,and with his mercy restore us from this shame that has made us fall
    in our duties in the church spiritually and also God must not allow the church to be ruined through us.
    -We should find favour and grace in the sight of our daddy(the G.O).
    -God should restore us back in his salvation that we might continue to work and serve at his feet.
    -Lastly he should finanlise the issue of our marriage this year 2019.

  85. Oh Lord I need financial breakthrough in my life and family.oh Lord catapult me to my next level,let there be testimonies of what eyes have not seen what ears have not heard nor has entered into the heart of man manifest in my life and family this year oh Lord I pray. Up

  86. Oh Lord I need financial breakthrough in my life and family.oh Lord promote me to my next level oh lord grante me all my heart desire,let there be testimonies of what eyes have not seen what ears have not heard nor has entered into the heart of man manifest in my life and family this year oh Lord I pray

  87. Papa,I greet you in the name of our lord Jesus Christ, I need a total healing from God,am having serious health challenge know job.

  88. I pray for God’s Intervention in my family, I pray for Strength ,Wisdom, Knowledge, Vision, Understanding,God Grace and the Revelation of his Glory through me.

  89. I want to be free, from fastraightion, loneliness, heartbrokeness, from sickness, financial problem, I seek favor , healing job opportunities In the season in Jesus name amen amen

  90. 2018 God blessed us…started d year in debt of 2m but ended debt free, paid my rent b4 d new year n had supplous to give others. My desire in 2019 is DAT dis rent should be d last. B4 d next rent God should open doors of favour so dat we can complete our house, also I pray for promotion for my husband. Let his name be in d first list dis year bcoz he is long over due. .all dis I ask in Jesus Name. Amen

  91. In Jesus name I need financial breakthrough this year all day and night shall make me kings for the service of God and his mighty hanfnin my family with good health and divine protection all the days of my life and my family

  92. Heavenly Father I want to thank you for what you have been doing in my life and family. Lord I want to thank you for blessing our family through my younger sister with a child. I pray that the birth of this child will open other wombs in the family especially mine in the name of Jesus Christ. Lord I continue to ask and pray that you visit me in the following issues:

    1. May my fiance and I get married before the end of this year. That whatever is standing as a barrier be swept away. May our union be stronger and may peace and love continue to reign in our home.

    2. I pray for the fruits of the womb… Twins and triplets will I bear in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.

    3. Healing from known and unknown diseases like infections, chlamydia or the reoccurrence of fibroids.

    4. Deliverance from spiritual husband and generational curses that has been tormenting me and my family over so many years. Deliverance from the spirit of failure at the verge of success, deliverance from stagnation and uncompleted projects.

    5. Visas to travel abroad for greener pastures and open doors for divine opportunities.

    6. Financial breakthrough and job opportunities.

    I ask all these with the ones I haven’t mentioned in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Amen and Amen

  93. Pray for job opportinuty, the right life partner and a financial breakthrough so that I can complete my studie and also for my grandma that is sick to be healed and for my son to be protected and to speak with boldness he is just 4 years but he is shy to speak with others even at school he doesnt talk to the teachers.

  94. Oh lord in need financial break through in my life my helper should locate me this year is my year all my heaet desire should be granted this year Amen

  95. Oh father in heaven release ur great hands towards my brother visa Amen….. Oh heavenly Father settle me dis year Amen….. By April Lord I want to open my own shop ….. I know you will do it for me Lord tnk u my king of kings

  96. Lord I thank you for all that you have done for me, may ur kingdom come and advance greatly in Jesus name amen! Lord please bless me with great financial prosperity and let it show in all areas of my life so that people will turn to God because if this blessing……

  97. Father everything contending and fighting against me and my family be totally destroyed and let everyone that has sworn to an oath not to let us go, father go down for our sake before the end of this 21 day fasting and prayers.

  98. Papa please pray for me for my healing nd of my partner,family deliverance from sickness and poverty and generational curses….i want to get married papa and have my vintage big wedding

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