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Do you need a miracle? A miracle is when God intercepts the natural progression of a situation and turns it completely around for victory and so that he may be glorified. Here we have seen God answer people’s prayers and make his power available to those who believe.

Jesus said: “Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” So let us stand with you in agreement and see you receive your miracle!

Submit your prayer request here and our committed prayer team will pray for you.


  1. I want this prayers Bishop and may god bless you, Thank you.

    Your days of pains is over today.
    Your days of begging is over today.
    Your days of weeping is over today.
    Your days of struggling is over today.

  2. Heavenly father Jehovah our God and creator thank you for your blessings and love. Bishop stand withe for I need to know God more,I need the holy spirit to be part of me always,help me ask for wisdom and understanding from above. I need his grace to fill my heart and love. I ask that I can get a job and find a place of my own. Take care of my family and friends.


  3. Bishop thank you for the opportunity. Pls help me pray that God Almighty will bring me out of debt and also give me sound health.

  4. I need a prayer financial/lost my job i’m about to lose the last thing that has keep me going my car please pray for me and get a new job

  5. Father I need your help for better paying job I can do with out pain new home safe clean and affordable reverse all curses and make them a blessing in the name of Jesusamen

  6. Father please pray for me I need money to pay my debts I’m about to break peoples life my kids are going to be chased at school I don’t want to destroy peoples life please Father a miracle money must come to me tonight . I have faith that my prayer will be answered.Amen

  7. God should open my financial doors. I need financial assistance for serious and emergency situation in two weeks time . I want God to favour me financially before next week in JESUS CHRIST name Amen

  8. Men of god Prayer for my family… To unit my relationship to b restored ,a finical breakthrough, my business to grow ,my mum to b healed, protect my doter ND teach her ur ways lord. Strength me in the areas that I am weak.. Please keep working on me.

  9. Please pray for my children and the children of our nation. Lord, help our children Russell Ceaira and Sydney to listen to what You say, and to treasure Your commands. Tune their ears to wisdom, and help them concentrate on understanding (Proverbs 2:1-2. Instruct Russell, Ceaira and Sydney in the way of wisdom and lead them along straight paths (Proverbs 4:11). in the mighty name of Jesus Christ Amen

  10. I pray for God to over rule the law of man concerning a job that i got but i was given a contract for three months to be permanent for me in Jesus name.

  11. It is my new dawn Era
    Am a member of the winners chapel Malaysia
    I I want God to give me his spirit of wisdom so I can apply it in knowing his ways

  12. Deliverance from demonic altars, destroying the spirit of insanity , opens door of blessings and favours ,divine restorations, long life good health and prosperities in Jesus name Amen

  13. I have been mocked by my paternal family because I kept a child I had out of wedlock,i ask God to please answer me by releasing a flood of riches on my baby’s father and that we unite in the holy matrimony by next year Easter and that my family will lack nothing to used to give our kids the best life ever in Jesus Christ mighty name I pray, Amen

  14. Pray for me, for someone to buy our fathers hotel. It’s call EMU LODGE.
    For God’s protection over my life, marriage, children and family.
    Pray that Almighty God should kill every enemy of my life, my family, my children, my breakthrough. The enemy of my name, my position in the family, my political career, my education and spiritual life in Jesus name AMEN.

  15. pray for my family as they are caught in the middle of political war in my country cameroon there is no way for us to get to them and vice versa i gavve birth but my mum cant come see my baby i really wish and beg God to find a way for them to come for just one visit and also for their guidance and protection all the way

  16. Father lord please I need financial turnaround in my life and that of my family ..I need protection and guidance in my life

  17. I need a financial breakthrough before am disgraced. I believe disgrace is not my portion. I need God’s grace and strength as I go through this

  18. I pray dear God I become a star at my new job and bless me in abundance with financial wealth so I may afford my own properties.amen

  19. I need to start my business back l need a prayer for divine helpers and God should bless me to pay all my debts. Prayer that God in his infinite mercy take me to the topmost high in Jesus name. I will not beg and borrow again in Jesus

  20. Lord, I am faithful before You in tithes and partner`s donations, remove all blocks in my money and protect my money from all the traps satan, OPEN and protect all sources of my finances. Amen. Your son Aleksandr.

  21. My name is Shabba Ranking i’m from edo state i live in Ghana i need Grace of work because i’m working like i’m not anymore so please i need your help pray for me and I need a financial breakthrough

  22. I have been applying for several time no luck n even dropped off school due to financial ,I don’t know I have been praying ..still no change pls pray for m

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