What Is Faith? The Bibles Definition

What is faith?  

according to Hebrews 11:1, the scripture declares;
“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of
things not seen.

We’ll begin to only fully understand faith when we truly know what the
Bible says about it.

With the above definition & thought of what faith is in mind, we begin to
see what faith is all about.

The first thing is that faith is the tangibility of hope. That
means hope will never become anything real in our lives without faith
giving substance, life or flesh to the picture we see as hope. *That
is to say Faith is A Dream Maker

Next, it says “…The evidence of things not seen.”

Evidence, so faith is Evidence. Evidence always doesn’t come with
its property, but the evidence is the proof of a property.
For example, the evidence of me owning a land is the papers or land
documents that I have, or that is given to me, both signed & sealed by an
oath. This shows the evidence of me possessing or having that land.
You do not see the land on me or on my face, but the documents & my
signature shows you the ownership’ right.

If you are still bothered about this question: What is faith? 
Now, this is what faith is.

God comes & says to you; “You’re healed.” But you, like that man
without the land on his head, says how? The reason you ask how is
because you’re yet to know or physically see the manifestation of your

Perhaps you’re looking at the fact that the ailment is still present
on you, but the report from the Word of God says *you’re healed.* So,
Where’s this healing?

The healing is in the document. Which document? The document He left
for us. *Which is THE BIBLE.*

So now, it becomes left to you to believe what the document says about
your health or that ownership of something you’ve not yet seen.
Instead of waiting to see a physical manifestation first before
answering yes to the statement of your healing, rather, Agree to that
document, Insist on your healing & Stand by it.

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Of Course, that man with the land may have someone coming to argue
the ownership of his land with him, but instead of him arguing, he
speaks from the document or brings the document of that land he has &
shows that other man. Saying *”This is my proof of ownership.”*

And that document & what is written in it becomes the law of defense &
the evidence of what he owns.

So, faith isn’t something that we can all see, that is why it is
difficult for a lot of people to believe things they have not seen.
*But faith is that proof that shows what we have & delivers into our
hands what exists in the spiritual realm.*

An example we see is Abraham. God changed his name from *Abram
meaning (ASSUMED FATHER)* to *Abraham which means (FATHER OF ALL
NATIONS).* At the time God changed his name, he had no child. But in
the mind of God, Abram was a Father. But what gave him a son? The
Bible says🏻

Romans 4:3 “For what saith the scripture? *Abraham believed God, and
it was counted unto him for righteousness.*

That means it was Abraham’s belief in what God has said, even though
it didn’t look so at first, but it was his belief that gave him a son
& qualified him to become righteous.

Therefore, Bible faith is not what we can see before we believe,
rather, it is what we can believe, declare & endorse before we
physically see it.* Hallelujah!


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